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Wine Award Asia

Application Procedure

Key Dates

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Samples Submission


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Throughout 2022

Throughout 2022

April & September 2022

(2 rounds per year)

Throughout 2022

23 April 2022

Step 1: Account Registration

Before filling in the entry form, you will be requested to register for an account in advance.

Step 2: Online Application

Please complete the Application form online by filling in the required information for Winery Entry.

 (How to use our online entry platform)

 Application is available throughout 2022.
WAA is a year-round campaign with 2 rounds of judging event in 2022. It would be the world first free wine awards connecting wineries and buyers in Asia. 

Step 3: Application Fee

Application Entry:  Free of Charge

Product Listing on "WAA Online Portal" for Direct Sales: €100 / Entry

Payment can be made by credit cards online or by international bank transfer. You may request an invoice in £, € or US$. 

Your payment status will be updated while logged in(completed/pending).

  • Completed - lists payments that have been successfully settled and charged to your account.
  • Pending - lists payments not yet received.

Step 4: Samples Admission

Prepare your samples for shipping to the final destination in Hong Kong. You may send your sampling wines anytime. We will arrange 2 rounds of judging events in April & September 2022.

Six (6) bottles of samples must be sent for every entry to the Wine Award Asia. For instance, for wineries applied for 3 entries, at least 6 bottles are required for each entry, 18 units (6x3) in total. Given that wines will be tasted multiple times. An extra bottle is necessary to allow for an out of condition sample. 

We recommend sending more samples i.e. 12-26 bottles as possible. As winners will be listed on the 'First-Sips' online portal as well as the TOP 100Wine tasting event, extra samples would be available for Buyer Tasting as testing grounds.

Wine Award Asia

Criteria for Eligible Entry

  •  Wine that is produced for commercial availability 

    (cellar door, online or in store) can enter.

  •  All wines submitted must be made from grapes. 

    solely from the partial or complete alcoholic fermentation of grapes or grape must.

  • All wines must be labelled in accordance with the European Union provisions. 

    Showing the name of the region and geographical area of origin of the wines.

  • Wines produced in one country and bottled in another are allowed to enter the competition.

  • All wines submitted must be sold fitted with a non-reusable sealing or closing device

    The WAA accept sealed screwcap bottles which will be opened during the competition. Unfinished samples will not be judged by the WAA.

  •  Temporary labels on wines are accepted. 

     The information that appears on these labels must be the same as the information that will appear on the final label.

  •  Same wine is entries by different companies

    When the same wine is being submitted by more than one company, all entrants' names will be featured equally in the report of the tasting. Fees for multiple entries will not be refunded.

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Wine Awards Asia 2022


Application Fee: Free of Charge


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