Frequently Asked Questions

Application & Account Registration

Account Portal

Winery account will be created & activated once the application is approved. Applicants will receive Account Login information via your email. You may view or edit your account dashboard, payment status, entry information, etc on the account portal.

Forgotten your password?

Use the link 'Forgotten password?'. An email will be sent to the contact email address for your Company's account.

Email the WAA your company name or Company ID and a member of the WAA team will come back to you as soon as possible.

Application Deadline for WAA 2022

Application Deadline for WAA 2022 : 1 February 2023Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. 

You may find the full timeline schedule here

Cancellation Policy

Withdrawal of entries

To cancel an entry you must email the WAA here with the information including: 1) name of the wine to be deleted; 2) name of the company withdrawing the entry. 

Application Fee will not be refunded if we are notified after 31 February 2023.

Shipping Samples for Entry

Number of samples per entry

Prepare your samples for shipping to the final destination in Hong Kong. You may send your sampling wines before 10 February 2023.

We recommend sending samples of 12-26 bottles per Entry as possible. Given that wines will be tasted multiple times, an extra bottle is necessary to allow for an out of condition sample. 

Extra samples will be available for Buyer Tasting as testing grounds via WAA Online Portal, as well as the TOP 100 Wine tasting event.

Documents for international shipping

Before shipping your samples, please have your 1) shipping document; 2) commercial invoice; and 3)packing list ready. For shipping procedure, please visit Shipping Instruction.

VAT number for registration

There is no VAT number in HK, it's not necessary to have any VAT or Business Registration number on the registration.

Judging Process

WAA Scoring System

WAA judging process consists of 2-Round Double-blind Judging by wine specialists, F&B industry representatives,as well aswine influencers.All results remain confidential until officially released.

First round by Core Judging panel

Wines are judged by a panel of 20 wine professionals based on a 100-point scale breaking down 10 major factors. This part makes up for 80% of the overall score.

Second round by the Influencer panel

Wines are then judged by a group of 100 wine influencers representing the Asian consumer market. This part makes up for the remaining 20%.

Award Types for WAA

Award Types in Wine Awards Asia will be divided into 4 categories: 

1) Top Red Wine; 

2) Daily Red Wine; 

3) Top White Wine; 

4) Top Sparkling Wine

A medal will fall into the Platinum medal, Double Gold medal, Gold medal or Asia's Top Selects points category.

Wines with the highest score in each of their category Will all receive a 'Best of' Award. 

WAA Online Portal

How it works

The WAA would launch an online E-shop platform to enable consumer's first-hand experience. You may pay for €100 per each entry. You may enjoy the complimentary online listing service upon applying more than 2 entries.

Consumers will place orders immediately, thus gaining instant feedback to wineries for interest in the local wine market. All Sales made on the E-Shop will be paid to the winery once all payment is settled. 

Please note: The E-shop is not a not a platform to make sales, it rather acts as an indicator to test the consumer market for the said wines.

Wine Order Handling

Our recommended no. of samples to participate the WAA is 12-24 bottles, the extra bottles are for current stock for the E-shop.

Once order is placed, we will arrange delivery to the buyers directly. All Sales made on the E-Shop will be paid to the winery once all payment is settled. 

Group Orders

For those entrants without extra sample bottles sent, the listing on the e-shop would be shown as 'pre-order'. You may send over the wines ( in cases of 6) once first order is made.





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