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You are cordially invited!

We sincerely invite you - anyone who love wines - any outstanding individuals in the wine and hospitality industries, to join our highlighted events in 2023. 

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Wine Award Asia

Wine Award Asia

Events 2023 onward

You are cordially invited!

WAA is a year-round campaign in 2023. It would be the world first free wine awards connecting wineries and buyers in Asia. The upcoming tasting event will be hold in Spring.

We gather, celebrate and appreciate the contribution by emerging talents, for their concerted efforts in inheriting and promoting the historical value of wine culture.

Upcoming events

Judging Day

April 2023

Final Judging Day & Influencer Livestreaming

Live streaming on the final round of the judging process by 100 wine lovers and influencers with a 500K+ following, people from around the world may all participate in the WAA! All entrants of the Wine awards will be tasted through a rigid 2-phase process.


Throughout 2022

Connect Buyers via Virtual Meetings

Virtual ZOOM Meetings - building a bridge for wineries to connect with buyers in Asia! Schedule a time for Zoom Meeting with buyers!


2022 Onward

Award-winning Wine E-Shop

Online purchase portal for wine lovers to try award winning entries. Free E-shop Promo & listings for award winners to test local markets!


22 April 2023

Top-100 Tasting Day

Award winning entries will be showcased and tasted at the annual Hong Kong Wine and Music Festival! 


22 April 2023

Awards Ceremony

Results will be announced at the Award Ceremony.

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