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Judging system

"A neutral setting is key to correct wine scoring." Wine Enthusiast

Weighted Scoring System

WAA Judging system is designed with adherence to strict procedures to ensure every wine is fairly, professionally, and consistently assessed. The judge panel is made up of wine specialists, F&B industry representatives, as well as wine influencers. The entire process is divided into two blind-tasting sections. Judges are prohibited from entering the preparation area before or during judging sessions. All results remain confidential until officially released.

Double-blind Tasting

Wines are arranged and tasted by category and presented to judges in flights of tasting glasses - the bottles are never seen by judges. The judges are provided with a score sheet and the basic parameters of the class (with reference to the categories entered) under assessment. Samples are tasted and scored with 100-point system individually by judges, with scores collected and recorded by the panel chair who may open scores for final discussions within the panel. This section consists of 80% of the scores.

The Influencers' Panel

Wines are also randomly allocated to a judge panel of 100 Influencers based on 5 main criteria on a 25- point system. The overall score is combined with previous scores from the judging panel to determine whether or not the entrant wines an award. This section consists of the remainder 20% of the overall score.

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Wine Educators

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Industry Leaders

Wine and 

Lifestyle Influencers

Wine Awards Asia

One chance to win the Award, making a significance in Asia Wine Market. 

Wine Award Asia

Judging Process

2-Round Judging

making it fun and more SIGNIFICANT

Blind Tasting

Strict procedures with adherence to the international established guidelines to ensure every wine is fairly, professionally, and consistently assessed.

1st round

Core judging panel will judge all wines (aggregate of 80% score)

Final Round

Wine influencers will taste all wines and give out the remaining 20% of the scores

Assessment Criteria

Both rounds of Judging will be strictly accessed with the following:

  • Acidity

    A wine with high acid will usually taste crisper and more tart on the palate. A low-acid wine will feel smoother and rounder on the palate.

  • Structure

    The structure of a wine has numerous factors to account for, including the relationship between its tannins and acidity, plus other components like glycerol and alcohol. A well-structured wine will have an even balance of fruit, alcohol and tannic bite.

  • Color / Appearance

    How a wine looks like is generally called its ‘appearance’. Color is the main and the most important observation when analyzing a wine’s appearance, but not the only one.

  • Aroma / Flavor

    Some say the  majority of the enjoyment of wines comes from its aroma. The aroma of wines is the result of the contribution of some hundreds of volatile compounds and it is an important factor to consider in their sensorial quality .  The Flavor  from the wines on the palate is accounted for as well. 

  • Drinkability / Aging

     The exclusive quality that makes us want to drink a glass of wine right away is often encapsulated by critics and connoisseurs with this single word. While it may be somewhat nebulous and subjective in its meaning, it is one of the most important factors when consumers chooses a  wine to purchase.

Wine Award Asia

Result Release

Awards Ceremony 

Congratulations to the winners in Asia.

Results will be announced at the Awards Ceremony, attended by wine professionals, restaurant owners, influencers, media partners and other special invited guests.

  • Release of results
  • Influencer Livestreaming
  • Wine Festival & Top-100 Tasting Day

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