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Connecting Award Winning Wines to the Asia Market

Virtual Zoom Meetings with BUYERS

Due to the high possibility of intermittent, restricted travel and social distancing, we are providing our award winning Wineries with access to Potential wine importers and buyers in Asia through our ‘Buyer Connect' Virtual Zoom meetings. 

Connecting Wineries & BUYERS

Asia focused

Unlike a traditional trade fair, where it is difficult to refuse to serve or to exchange with a prospect who does not correspond to his commercial objectives. Buyers Connect allows wineries to exclusively target buyers from certain areas in Asia.

Performance Driven

Buyers from Asia are keen to look for wines that are awarded winning from a vast representation of Asian judges, it enables an insight for how local markets would respond.

Safe and Time Efficient

Virtual meetings save more time and effort, and also helps to those concerned about social distancing. Wine samples can be obtained through our E-shop to resolve that issue too. 

Wine Award Asia

4-step Scheduling Meeting with BUYERS

  • Register with the Awards

    All Entrants are eligible to participate as a supplier ( and of course winning an award would increase your chances!), to schedule virtual meetings with our Asia Wine buyers and importers. In the course of registration, you may pick the areas ion Asia you intend to reach.

  • Winning The Awards & Schedulings

    Scheduling for virtual Meetings begins right after the release of results. During that one month period, we will assign you to virtual meetings with buyers that have shown interest in your award winning wines.

  • Virtual Meetings

    We will shortlist a number of buyers and will send you their contacts and desired time through email. Zoom is the preferred Virtual partner but other platforms are welcomed as well.

  • Confirming Orders

    Any made orders are entirely between you and the buyer. We will not receive any charges or fees whatsoever. But your feedback for our services is greatly appreciated.

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