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Our Judging Panel

“No matter how carefully or honestly someone describes a taste, a significant chunk of the population will experience the same bottle in a different way.”….Kevin Begos, Tasting the Past

We are more than honored to invite and nominate wine Masters, leading F&B Professionals, Industry Representatives, Wine Editors as our core judging panel. To have better representation of the Asian consumer market, wines are also randomly allocated to a judge panel of 100 Amateur Wine Influencers in the judging process, becoming a contributing factor to the final score of the wines.

Our Judges


Wine Educators

F&B / Hospitality

Industry Leaders

Wine and 

Lifestyle Influencers

Our Judges: Areas of Expertise

To gain better representation and thorough insights of the Asian Market.

Wine Educators
With great palates, considerable experience and thorough knowledge of a broad range of wines.
F&B/ Hospitality Industry LeadersExperienced in their particular fields, with the leverage power to make decisions, especially in F&B, wine and hospitality industries.
Wine/Lifestyle InfluencersWith passion in exploring and spreading the wine-tasting culture. They've gained immense popularity with a loyal following and a direct gateway to a millennial audience in Asia. 

Shout Out to Influencers:

Welcome to be our Judge!

We are here to invite influencers with a large social following who trust and value your opinions! No matter if you are an wine advocate, blogger, youtuber, expert or celebrity, we value your credibility and close engagement with customers!

 If you feel like you fall into the description of above, and show interest to be one of our judges, don't hesitate to CLICK the button below!

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